FANTASTIC (It's all about the money)

2009-04-22 11:47:25 by Existance

Well that's great to hear. I've ultimately decided not to make a Pico Day flash, much to some people's protests, and instead animate a music video for school. That way I could stay on top of school work and I'd still get money if I got a monthly award (People tried to encourage me to make something for Pico Day saying that the prize money was really good). Now Tom's just gone and made a post saying that you don't get money for monthly awards anymore and that you have to enter contests like Pico Day. It's annoyingly ironic.

Oh well, I'll just make sure I enter all of the other contests. Madness Day, Halloween, Christmas and maybe Clock Day, but I can't remember when that is.

I seem to recall wanting to posting something more profound here, but I've forgotten. Oh well.

Since I like to finish posts with drawings, here's an attempt at drawing Yon form Tripod. I think it vaguely resemble him.

Oh, and since the 16th I'm legally allowed to have sex and get my driver's license and shiz. Coz that's what you can do whe you're 16 and living in Australia. The only problem is I don't give a fuck.

FANTASTIC (It's all about the money)


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2009-04-30 19:29:41

um.... ok. No comment.