Power of B

2009-05-21 05:49:29 by Existance

Like every other person on newgrounds, I'm hoping to make a game for the power of 3 thing. I need a programmer and a musician and it seems now I need them both to have won at least one award, seeing as I don't have any. I can assure you I can animate-Rubberninja says so.

I have my own idea that we could build off and it'd be useful if you have skype, as it would be easier to discuss things.

Tell me if you're interested.

Well that's great to hear. I've ultimately decided not to make a Pico Day flash, much to some people's protests, and instead animate a music video for school. That way I could stay on top of school work and I'd still get money if I got a monthly award (People tried to encourage me to make something for Pico Day saying that the prize money was really good). Now Tom's just gone and made a post saying that you don't get money for monthly awards anymore and that you have to enter contests like Pico Day. It's annoyingly ironic.

Oh well, I'll just make sure I enter all of the other contests. Madness Day, Halloween, Christmas and maybe Clock Day, but I can't remember when that is.

I seem to recall wanting to posting something more profound here, but I've forgotten. Oh well.

Since I like to finish posts with drawings, here's an attempt at drawing Yon form Tripod. I think it vaguely resemble him.

Oh, and since the 16th I'm legally allowed to have sex and get my driver's license and shiz. Coz that's what you can do whe you're 16 and living in Australia. The only problem is I don't give a fuck.

FANTASTIC (It's all about the money)


2009-03-01 02:59:38 by Existance

In collabs and making games. Drawing lots. Hoping to get something done for Pico day, but I'm not sure if I should. I'm also getting animation courses taught by Rubberninja. It's pretty spiffin. Not much point to this post, just thought I should update since it's been a while.


stuff n stuff n stuff n stuff

2008-12-15 03:31:57 by Existance

Year's almost over. I'll be in year 11 next yer. Shit, that's intimidating. I plan to spend the holidays trying to hone my animation skills and maybe my drawing ability as well, but I think I'm quite good at drawing anyway, at least with pencil and paper. Maybe you'll get to see something from me soon, but I'm not making any promises.

I'd like to give you a drawing as well or something, but I got nothing good and the thing I'm drawing isn't done yet. I suppose I could try and give you this comic strip I drew. I hope you can read it.

stuff n stuff n stuff n stuff

You Know What?

2008-10-21 10:02:02 by Existance

Those animations for competitions I was talking about? I'm not doing them.

I do that. I just get excited about doing stuff then not do it. I hate deadlines. It means I can't do things in my own time. Speaking of deadlines, I wanna try and make something else before some time next week. Kay.

See you then.

You Know What?

New Stuff Coming Soon

2008-08-30 22:26:53 by Existance

So i found out about these two film and animation compettions for Australian kids and I thought I'd give it a go.

First comp

Second comp

I wonder if anyone will actually read this...

Oh well, till then!

Here's a preview:

New Stuff Coming Soon

My movie passed judgement! Not only that, someone faved it too! View it here.

I am happy.

Expect to see another short soon.